Cando Puttycise Exercise Putty Tools for Hand Therapy Exercises

Cando Puttycise Exercise Putty Tools for Hand Therapy Exercises

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    Product Description

    CanDo Theraputty hand exercise material is used by Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Hand Therapist and consumer home-use and is used to develop and maintain grip strength. The CanDo Theraputty Hand exercise material is ideal for patients recovering from a wrist injury, wrist fracture, elbow fracture, stroke patients or forearm fracture. Cando Puttycise tools are great for use with Theraputty exercise material to increase function and versatility of the ubiquitous hand exercise material.

    Choose from 5 different tools: the cap turn, key turn, knob turn, L-bar, and peg turn. Each hand-held tool helps the user simulate various functions to help with everyday life. These are sold separately or in convenient portable kits. Puttycise tool set with carry bag and manual (5 piece set) knob turb, L-bar, Peg turn, Key tun, and Cap turn help an individual replicate every day motions that may have become difficult. Change putty resistance and increase or decrease the strength and ability needed to complete the motion. Perfect to regain those simple, everyday motions!


    • 5 Tools available, comes in a kit or sold individually.
    • Perfect for finger and grip exercising.
    • Stimulates functional activity.
    • Teaches joint protection techniques.
    • Easy to use and Teach.


    Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 8"

    Weight: 1 lbs

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