Cando Puttycise Kit - Hard - 5 Tools and 4, 6oz Theraputty


Cando Puttycise Kit - Hard - 5 Tools and 4, 6oz Theraputty

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    Product Description

    Red, Green, Blue and Black

    Cando Puttycise Tool Sets go with your Cando Theraputty to create a unique learning experience. Use Theraputty with a Puttycise tool that can be pushed, pulled or turned through the putty to produce specified exercises. Changing the putty resistance will increase or decrease the difficulty level for the user. The Puttycise family consists of 5 tools which all function by inserting the tool base into the resistance putty for stimulating functional activity.

    Cando Theraputty is color-coded and has a different consistency ranging from XX-Soft for strengthening the weakest grasp to X-Firm for developing a stronger grip. 4 resistance levels are with each kit and the kits come in 3 strength levels.

    Cando Puttycise Feature’s:

    • 5 Tools available, comes in a kit or sold individually.
    • Theraputty is color-coded in bright color for strength levels.
    • Perfect for finger and grip exercising.
    • Stimulates functional activity.
    • Teaches joint protection techniques.
    • Easy to use and Teach.

    Each Kit Includes:

    • 4 Theraputty Resistances in your choice of 3 levels - easy, medium or hard.
    • Set of 5 Puttycise tools - 1 of each tool.
    • Tools are Knob turn tool, L-Bar Tool, Peg Turn Tool, Key Turn Tool & Cap Turn Tool.
    • Set of instructions.

    Cando Therapy Material is Gluten, Casein, and Latex free.
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