Cando Weighted RolUp Exercise 10 lb Bar

Cando Weighted RolUp Exercise 10 lb Bar

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    Product Code: ca_10-2983

    Price: $40.70

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    Product Description

    The easy grip Cando Rolup Exercise Bar can be used to perform both upper and lower body exercises. Resistance can be increased by rotating the bar (“winding-up” the tubing) to shorten the length of the exercise band or tubing and create more tension.

    Comes standard with the following new features:

    • Anti-roll end cap to prevent Wate bar from rolling around and becoming a safety hazard.
    • Hangar end cap (bars up to 10 lbs.) for the most space effective storage, hanging on a hook rack!
    • Easy to use and grip.
    • Sturdy.
    • Come with and 8 foot strip of medium weight green Cando tubing and 2 tube klips.

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