Cando Stirrup Anchor (10 ea)


Cando Stirrup Anchor (10 ea)

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    Product Code: ca_10-5310-10

    Price: $15.89

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    Product Description

    Band and tubing accessories can be used to enhance a resistance exercise band and tubing workout. Handles offer comfortable and functional grips. Anchors can be used to enhance the versatility of the exerciser by anchoring the band to a fixed object. There are many models to choose from and savings can be achieved by buying these accessories in bulk.

    Loop Stirrup has two webbing loops: one large, one small. Simply place the band through the small webbing and put the other loop around any stationary object such as your foot, a door anchor or a wall anchor. The loop can be used in conjunction with handles to facilitate a wide range of exercises. 


    Dimensions: 10" x .25" x 1"

    Weight: 0.3 lbs

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