Cando Extremity Cuff Strap 16" (10 ea)


Cando Extremity Cuff Strap 16" (10 ea)

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    Product Code: ca_10-5356-10

    Price: $67.54

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    Product Description

    Adjustable extremity cuff straps used to anchor band or tubing around arms and legs to facilitate upper and lower body exercise. The adjustable strap has a 16" maximum circumference. Secure exercise band or exercise tubing into loop attachment of extremity strap. Wrap the padded extremity cuff around desired body part, such as ankle, thigh or wrist. Perform  exercises targeting these hard to work regions with ease.

    Band and tubing accessories can be used to enhance a resistance exercise band and tubing workout. Handles offer comfortable and functional grips. Anchors can be used to enhance the versatility of the exerciser by anchoring the band to a fixed object. There are many models to choose from and savings can be achieved by buying these accessories in bulk.


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