Cando Exercise Tubing with Handles 48" - Heavy Blue


Cando Exercise Tubing with Handles 48" - Heavy Blue

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    Product Code: ca_10-5564

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    Product Description

    The exercise tubing is inexpensive, lightweight and highly portable. This combination of attributes helps to foster compliance with the prescribed exercise regime.

    Each Cando exercise tubing is color-coded to show its resistance level using the Thera BandŽ trademarked color sequence. Any color Cando exercise tubing may be used independently, or it can be used as part of a progressive resistance exercise (PRE) program.

    • Preassembled Cando Tubing-with-Handles exercisers available in three sizes to accommodate upper and lower body workouts
    • Lightweight, compact and portable
    • Perform strengthening workouts on-the-go.
    • Two durable foam covered plastic handles for comfort and a firm grip
    • Made with high quality latex Cando tubing
    Exercise band colors

    System of progressive resistance

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