Cando Exercise Bands - No Latex - 6 yd - Blue - Heavy


Cando Exercise Bands - No Latex - 6 yd - Blue - Heavy

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    Product Description

    Cando bands are an economic solution for upper and lower body exercise. Each band has a uniformed width of 5" wide and are lightweight, compact and portable. Simply cut an appropriate length of band and begin your exercise.

    The band can be used as a cut strip or can be knotted to form a loop. The exercise band can be used with any band or tubing accessory. In addition to simplicity, exercise bands are inexpensive, lightweight and highly portable. This combination of attributes helps to foster compliance with the prescribed exercise regime.

    Each Cando exercise band is color-coded to show its resistance level using the Thera Band® trademarked color sequence. Any color Cando exercise band may be used independently, or it can be used as part of a progressive resistance exercise (PRE) program.

      Exercise band colors

      System of progressive resistance


    Provides non intimidating exercise for all users from totally deconditioned to physically elite

    Utilizes minimum floor space

    Transport wheels provide workout flexibility and easy movement to/from storage

    Zero starting resistance

    Safe exercise in unsupervised facilities

    Fixed or adjustable speeds

    Two exercises per machine for full body workout

    Designs for correct fit, support and comfort

    Accommodating resistance for efficiency and safety

    Unsurpassed commercial quality and warranty


    • Dimensions: 52 x 33 x 59

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