Lafayette (Nicholas) Manual Muscle Tester


Lafayette (Nicholas) Manual Muscle Tester

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    Product Code: ca_12-0380

    Price: $1,352.26

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    Product Description

    The interactive menu allows the user to select a wide range of options, such as, data storage, test times (1-10 seconds) and choice of high and low threshold settings. The large, easy to read LCD screen clearly displays all information, reducing the possibility of reading errors or selecting unwanted options.

    • Dual measurement range, 0-300 lbs. or 0-50 lbs. for increased sensitivity.
    • Selectable test time from 1-10 seconds.
    • Storage of up to 52 test results with scroll ability.
    • Records peak force, time to reach peak, and total time.
    • Displays in pounds or kilograms.

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