Baseline Analog 50 lb Hydraulic Push-Pull Dynamometer


Baseline Analog 50 lb Hydraulic Push-Pull Dynamometer

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    Product Code: ca_12-0392

    Price: $511.22

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    Product Description

    A simple, easy-to-use, ergonomically designed instrument that objectively measures push, pull and lift forces for manual muscle testing, functional capacity evaluation and job task evaluation at a remarkable affordable price. Because the instrument is lightweight, small and portable, you can perform precise, objective evaluations in your office, at the client’s location, or in the field. Ergonomically designed dynamometer is easy to grasp while testing small forces. The easy-to-attach single or dual grip handle can be used when measuring larger forces. Can be used with lift platform to perform lifting evaluation.

    • Comes with accessory pack: 3 push pads (padded curved, padded straight, and 1cm circular), 1 pull hook and 1 snap lock hook.
    • Cushioned carrying case.
    • Maximum remains until rest.
    • 1 Year Mfg Warranty

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