Baseline West Monofiliment Aesthesiometer


Baseline West Monofiliment Aesthesiometer

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    Product Code: ca_12-1406-ca_12-1408

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    Product Description

    Weinstein Enhanced Sensory Test (WEST), uses five monofilaments to measure skin sensitivity and determine peripheral nerve involvement. WEST monofilaments provide reliable test results with textured, round monofilament tips. Two or more filaments can be in position for testing. Includes case (4. by 6.), test form and manual. The WEST-D provides an evaluation range from reduced tactile sensation on the face up to loss of protective sensation of the foot. An ideal instrument for those who must test tactual sensation at various locations. WEST hand, foot and D monofilaments are individually calibrated for applied grams.


    Hand Monofilaments: 0.07, 0.2, 4, and 200
    Foot Monofilaments: 0.5, 2, 10, 50, and 200
    West-D Monofilaments:0.02, 0.07, 0.5, 2, and 10

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