Skillbuilders Bi-Height Wedge - 22" X 26" X 10"/12"


Skillbuilders Bi-Height Wedge - 22" X 26" X 10"/12"

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    Product Code: ca_30-1243

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    Product Description

    Skillbuilders bi-height wedge allows patient to be positioned at a higher or lower height (use on side 1 or side 2). High molded sides give lateral support and positioning straps provides support when positioning the child for therapy, whether it is at the rehab clinic, physical therapy department, or home use.

    Without the removable straps, the bi-height wedge functions just like the standard Skillbuilders wedge. Adaptive positioning provides stability and support for individuals lacking some degree of body control and can be a prerequisite for achieving greater gross and fine motor skills.

    Wedges perform equally well for prone and supine activities. Choose the length and height of the wedge by considering what weight should be borne on the forearms and what extension the head, neck and trunk should elicit. Wedges are made of molded foam with integral waterproof coating that is easily washed for years of use.

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    • Position at higher or lower height
    • High molded sides give lateral support>/li>
    • Positioning strap
    • Accommodates an abductor(ca_30-1018)


    Dimensions: 22" X 26" X 10"/12"

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