CanDo Cushy-Air Inflatable Training Ball


CanDo Cushy-Air Inflatable Training Ball

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    Product Description

    CanDo Cushy-Air Inflatable Training Ball has an easy-to-grasp cushy material. Due to their effectiveness in developing balance and core strength, athletic trainers, coaches, personal trainers and physical education teachers have begun to integrate them into their training programs.

    Control the firmness and bounce with inflation amount. The 22 inch - 38 inch "training ball" sizes are used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength or even used just for fun. Each ball has a 300 lb weight capacity.

    Ball colors are pastel blue, pink or yellow and can vary based on availability.


    • Improves balance, coordination, flexibility and strength
    • Non-slip surface is ideal for anyone with poor grasp
    • Strong, lightweight, easy to grasp, and have a large inflation range
    • Inflation can be increased as skills develop
    • Available in attractive pastel colors


    • Available in sizes 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm, & 95cm

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