Cando Versa-Form Positioning Pillows - 22x12


Cando Versa-Form Positioning Pillows - 22x12

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    Product Code: ca_30-2020

    Price: $188.23

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    Product Description

    Versa Form Pillows provide customized, semi-permanent contoured support. The styrene-bead filled pillows mold to the body’s shape when air is extracted using the vacuum pump. Pillows keep their shape for up to a month. The firm, uniform support reduces risk of pressure points, accommodates structural deformities, and provides adequate postural support. Versa Form Pillows are highly versatile and completely reusable. Release the valve and the pillow is ready to be shaped again.

    • Submergible
    • Wipe clean with ease
    • Disinfectant safe
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