Tumble Forms Wedge for Physical Therapy - 24" X 26" X 10"


Tumble Forms Wedge for Physical Therapy - 24" X 26" X 10"

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    Product Description

    Classic Tumble Forms Wedges are flat surfaced adaptive positioning shapes that are used to build head control, sitting balance, trunk control, and upper extremity function and are ideal for rehab clinics, physical therapy clinics, or even home use. Used in prone, with weight bearing on the shoulders, elbows, and/or forearms, head raising and controlled arm and hand movement can be facilitated. The natural incline of the wedge shape helps facilitate rolling skills and trunk rotation. With the optional abductor, hip extension and knee abduction are promoted. Tumble Form Wedges are made of molded foam with a soft, seamless body-fluid-resistant coating applied as an outer "upholstery" for easy cleaning and years of use.

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    • Versatile shape for gross motor activities like tumbling, rolling, or walking
    • Ideal positioning shape for physically involved children and adults
    • Suitable as physical therapy positioning wedges
    • Used with optional abductor wedge (ca_30-3018)
    • Abductor wedge can be used with any Skillbuilders or Tumbleforms wedge or other positioning products
    • Hook on abductor wedge with any velcro loop material


    24" X 26" X 10"
    17 Incline

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