Cando Tumble Forms 2 - Floor Sitter - Small


Cando Tumble Forms 2 - Floor Sitter - Small

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    Product Code: ca_30-3080

    Price: $468.08

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    Product Description

    Originally developed for feeding, the Tumble Forms Deluxe Floor Sitter is a feeder seat positioner and floor sitter wedge that can be used for any short-term activity in the home, clinic or school. The wedge can be used to position the Feeder Seat Positioner in an upright or a reclined position suitable for the child’s activity. A velcro brand hook and loop system holds the seat securely, allowing instant adjustability.

    It's a great alternative to the child’s wheelchair or stander. Easy to get the child in and out of, the Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Positioner allows good basic positioning without complicated adjustments. It comes in four sizes to accommodate infants through adolescents.

    • Shoulder harness slots allow 4" of vertical adjustment of the shoulder straps to accommodate children of different heights
    • Contoured interior has a 90 degree seat-to-back relationship to provide posturally correct seating
    • A 45 degree hip strap and quick-release H-belt help maintain child's position
    • Seamless coverings are washable, odor, urine and stain-resistant and nontoxic

      Small: 36/7"
      Medium: 48/10"
      Large: 60/13"
      X-Large: 72/16"

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