Tumble Forms 2-Piece Mobile Floor Sitter for Physical Therapy

Tumble Forms 2-Piece Mobile Floor Sitter for Physical Therapy

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    Product Description

    The Tumble Forms Mobile Floor Sitter is ideal for physical therapy clinics, rehab clinics, or home use and it allows the caregiver to move or transport a child without repositioning. It is good for children who are unable to ambulate, but can still mobilize and build lower extremity strength by moving themselves around.

    Pediatric sitters provide seating and positioning solutions for children with special needs for upper body support, lower body support, mobility, or a simple work space. They encourage healthier sitting skills while the child is taking part in other activities, and allow the child to interact with peers to build independence, inclusion, and self-confidence.

    The Floor Sitter comes in three sizes. The Mobile Floor Sitter includes both the Feeder Seat and the Mobile Base. The small, medium, and large have a wood base. The X-Large has a tubular steel base.

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    • Shoulder harness slots allow 4" of vertical adjustment of the shoulder straps to accommodate children of different heights
    • Contoured interior has a 90 degree seat-to-back relationship to provide posturally correct seating
    • A 45 degree hip strap and quick-release H-belt help maintain child's
    • Seamless coverings are washable - odor, urine and stain-resistant and nontoxic


    Available in four sizes: Small

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