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    Product Description

    The Carrie Seat solves the positioning problems in day-to-day living. The unique molded contours of the Carrie Seat provide superior positioning compared to seats with upholstered pads. The anti-thrust seat shape helps maintain proper pelvic position.

    You have the option to purchase the Carrie Seat alone or with a tray and footrest.

    The flexible Carrie Seat can be used: At home on a couch or in a chair. Tether strap secures seat inch. In the car it's a crash-tested child restraint system. Secures using standard vehicle seat belt. At school or on the bus it's been crash-tested with standard wheelchair tiedowns. On an airplane elementary seat has been approved for use on an airplane. Carrie Seat Features Shock absorbing foam Seamless covering, impervious to fluids and easy to clean Lightweight seat, easy to remove and position Height adjustable neck stabilizer and four-point adjustable harness

    Tumble Forms 2 Carrie Seat Features:

    • Build-in abductor and contoured interior to provide later trunk support and shoulder protraction.
    • Adjustable neck stabilizer maintains head in mid-line and neutral position.
    • Harness securely positions child
    • Comes in four sizes.

    Meets F.M.V.S.S. 213 - Crash Test Approved.

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