Cando Tumble Forms HUGS Vertical Stander - Big - 43-53"


Cando Tumble Forms HUGS Vertical Stander - Big - 43-53"

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    Product Code: ca_31-3441

    Price: $2,036.92

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    Product Description

    The Big Hug Vertical Stander will provide upright, midline stability at the chest, pelvis, knees, and feet for children with mild to moderate physical involvement. Even without the standard activity tray, this pediatric vertical stander ensures that the arms will remain supported by padded armrests to promote an optimal upright standing position.

    Ease in adjustability makes the Big Hug Vertical Stander a favorite choice among therapy clinics and classrooms that may use one stander for multiple kids. The Big Hug Vertical Stander comes standard with height-adjustable supports for kids of varying heights. It also comes with height-adjustable knee supports and adjustable foot restraints to provide an almost 'customizedí fit for each child that uses the vertical stander.

    This height-adjustable vertical stander is recommended for children ages 6 to 12 years, supporting up to 65 lbs.

    • Tray is included
    • Height-adjustable chest support
    • Height-adjustable pelvic support
    • Height-adjustable knee supports
    • Adjustable foot restraints
    • Collapsible frame that is easily disassembled for storage or transport
    • Detachable rimmed tray that helps prevent spillage

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