Cando Cushy-Air - Roll-Up Mat - 72"x20"x0.6" (180x50x1.5cm)


Cando Cushy-Air - Roll-Up Mat - 72"x20"x0.6" (180x50x1.5cm)

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    Product Code: ca_38-0552

    Price: $34.65

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    Product Description

    Cando Cushy-Air Exercise Mats are perfect for fitness, physical therapy and leisure use. Mats are convenient, lightweight and portable. They come in 3 styles Adult, Junior & Roll-Up. The roll-up mat comes with a carry-band & rolls up for easy transportation.. The Adult and Junior Cushy-Air Mats come with a carry bag and have die-cut handles.

    Cushy-Air Mat’s unique “air channel” construction allows it to comfortably conform to body position and weight. Waterproof mat protects the user from the rough, cold and damp underlying surface. The Adult & Junior Cushy-Air mats come in two-pieces held together securely with “puzzle-locks" construction. The 2 pieces can be used together or individually. These environment friendly low-density polyethylene foam mats are CFC and HCFC free. Multi-colored mats are attractive.

    • Unique "air channel" construction provides comfort & cushioning
    • Three styles: Adult, Junior & Roll-Up
    • Waterproof
    • Attractive multi colors
    • Convenient, lightweight & portable
    • Adult and Junior Mats come with a carry bag with die-cut handles
    • Rollup Comfy Mat comes with a carry-band
    • CFC & HCFC free

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