Alliance Stand Aid 400lbs - Dual Seat Lock

Alliance Stand Aid 400lbs - Dual Seat Lock

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    Product Description

    The Alliance Stand Aid is a transport assist unit which keeps residents active and engaged in the lifting process. Transport is quick and requires minimal caregiver assistance. Users simply grasp the middle bar and pull themselves up. A padded split seat swings out for loading or unloading then swings back to form a comfortable, secure seat for transport. It is an excellent alternative to a wheelchair for easier commode access. The wider base opening on the 1913 provides easier access around wide chairs or commodes.


    400 lb (181 kg) safe working load
    Dual knee pads for secure transports
    Sturdy, yet easily fits through narrow doorways
    Affordable alternative to electric stand aids
    Optional safety belt for user confidence
    Choice of single or dual seat locks
    Note: Alliance® Stand Aid is designed for residents who have the strength and stability to lift and support themselves. Otherwise, an Alliance electric Stand-Assist Patient Lift is recommended. The 19517 Safety Belt is recommended for additional security while transporting a patient
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