Chattanooga Group Hydrocollator Hot Pack Machine - Model E-2 Heating Unit


Chattanooga Group Hydrocollator Hot Pack Machine - Model E-2 Heating Unit

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    Product Description

    The Hydrocollator E-2 Heating Unit is perfect for rehab clinics and physical therapy. These Heating units are known to last for years of use and our HotPacs can be used hundreds of times to provide up to 30 minutes of deep soothing moist heat. Continuous heat therapy can help speed healing, decrease inflammation, decrease pain, whether it is a muscle spasm or strained ligaments, and improve joint function.

    They are durable and easy to maintain, these high-quality stainless steel units give you a constant supply of temperature. The units are thermostatically controlled to ensure the ideal therapeutic temperature for HotPacs.

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    • High-quality stainless steel
    • Thermostatically controlled temperature
    • 3 (8 cm) swivel-type rubber casters for silent, friction-free movement
    • Easy maintenance. Simple to fill and drain. No plumbing required
    • Temperature range: 160 -165 (71 -74 C)
    • UL listed and cUL listed (120 Volt) Includes - 2 Oversize, 3 Standard, and 1 Cervical HotPac


  • Tank Capacity: 8 gal(37 L)
  • Temperature Range: 160° - 165°F (71° - 74°C
  • Thermal Cut-Out Temp.: 180° - 185°F(82° - 85°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 10%
  • Heat Up Time to 160°F(to 70°C): 4 Hours
  • Cool Down Time from 160°(from 70°C): 2 Hours
  • Step By Step Instructions


    The Hydrocollator Heating Unit is equipped with an immersion type heating element and a hydraulic capillary-type thermostat which evenly maintains the Hot Pac temperature in the water and provides a ready supply of heated packs. It is critical to maintain the water level over the top of the HotPac to avoid damage to the heating element, the stainless steel, or the HotPac. Water is constantly lost during operation due to evaporation. Therefore, it is essential that water be added daily. The tank should aslo be drained and cleaned systematically, at minimum intervals of every two weeks.

    Always unplug the unit from the power source when emptying or cleaning the unit. Drain the unit by the drain valve located at bottom rear of unit. Either move the unit to a floor drain or attach the extension hose to it when draining. (E-1 units have no drain and can be emptied by turning unit upside down.)

    Cleaning Tips:

    1. The interior of the unit should be cleaned, at least every two weeks, using a low abrasive bathroom cleaner with a soft cloth or green, blue, white Scotch-Brite type scouring pad. Stainless steel wool may be used if necessary, but not regular carbon steel wool. Check for low or no chlorine content in your cleaner and make sure that the residue is thoroughly rinsed away with water.
    2. A strong solution of vinegar and water may be used to dissolve away deposits, which then must be thoroughly rinsed away with water.
    3. For exterior cleaning, use stainless steel polish and a soft clot only. Numerous industrial stainless steel polishes are available from various supply companies. Use of any cleaner except stainless steel polish on the exterior of the unit is not recommended. Abrasive cleaners and scouring pads can damage the finish of the unit.

    Care of HotPacs

    Always return the Hydrocollator HotPac to the hot water of the heating unit after each treatment. There it is heated, kept clean, and ready for immediate use. The HotPac may be boiled; however, this hastens the deterioration of the pack. The pack may also be cleaned by scrubbing the pack with soap and water. The simplified method of keeping the pack clean is to keep it immersed in water.
    The Hydrocollator HoPac, under constant daily use, should have a useful life of at least one year. When the pack begins to wear out, the filler oozes and leaks through the fabric of the cloth; sections of the pack appear to be loose and empty and will not retain heat properly. The pack should be replaced when it reaches this state.

    HotPac Storage: If HotPacs are to be stored for extended periods, they may be placed while wet in plastic bags and stored in a freezer.

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