Chattanooga Group Hydraulic Pinch Gauge

Chattanooga Group Hydraulic Pinch Gauge

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    Product Description

    Hydraulic Digital Pinch Gauge

    Hydraulics assure convenience and reliability, measurement accuracy and repeatability for all pinch tests. (tip, key and palmer)
    Registers up to 100 lbs.(45 kg).


    • Antimicrobial Treatment inhibits growth of bacteria on the bandage
    • Provides firm support and compression for strains and sprains
    • ACE® Brand VELCRO® brand closure enables bandage to be wrapped easily and securely with no clips
    • Bandage retains elasticity after repeated use and washings
    • 2 in width – Ideal for wrist, hand or foot
    • Unstretched length 4.2 ft. (1.3 m)
    • Beige

    ACE® Brand Elastic Bandages are designed to:
    • Provide optimal support
    • Be comfortable to wear for extended period of time
    • Be easy to use
    • Be adjustable for a custom fit
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