Chattanooga Group Group Adapta 400 Decompression/Traction Package

Chattanooga Group Group Adapta 400  Decompression/Traction Package

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    Product Description

    This four-section traction table features a friction-free gliding lumbar section and a turret-mounted traction pedestal, with head and foot sections that incline up to 90°.The head section has a face slot and lowers to 25°; the table height adjusts from 21.5” to 41.5”. The split-section design allows the clinician to perform treatment with lower intensities than a continuous slab, as well as more effective intermittent traction. The elevating foot section can be used as a head section when providing cervical traction, positioning the patient in the semi-Fowler’s position; this also allows the clinician to change the angle of applied cervical traction. The adjustable head section allows for comfort in both prone and supine traction when delivering lumbar treatments. The table has a lift and can be used as an additional treatment table when not delivering traction; up to 400-pound lifting capacity.


    Package includes
    • ADP400 Traction Table
    • TX Traction Unit
    • TX-1 Flexion Stool
    • Deluxe Universial Belt System
    • Saunders Cervical Traction System
    ADP 400 Traction Table:
    • Four sections
    • Friction-free gliding lumbar section
    • Turret mounted traction pedestal
    • Head and foot sections incline up to 90
    • Head section lowers to 25
    • 400 lb (181 kg) lifting capacity
    • Standard hand control
    • Adjustable height range between 21.5 to 41.5 (55 cm to 105 cm)
    • Optional foot control
    • Optional retractable caster
    • Available in six colors
    • Traction unit sold separately


    Dimensions: 77”L x 27”W x 21.5” to 41.5”H (196cm x 69cm x 55cm to 105cm)

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