Fluido Ultra 115 Dry Heat Therapy Unit - Double Fluidotherapy Extremity Unit - FREE SHIPPING

Fluido Ultra 115 Dry Heat Therapy Unit - Double Fluidotherapy Extremity Unit - FREE SHIPPING

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    Product Description

    Our Fluidotherapy line comes in two different models and has specially designed fluidized beds that combine the precise control of dry heat temperature and airflow with CELLEX® medium. This combination works to generate the mechanical effects of skin desensitization and limb buoyancy.Each unit feature electronically adjustable programmable user preferences. Adjustable controls allow regulation of treatment time, temperature range, airflow (particle speed), pulse mode (pressure oscillation), and time of day. Each unit has an automatic treatment timer, a wake-up preheat mode and casters (locking on some models) for mobility.The clinical benefits from the use of Fluidotherapy include relief of local pain, treatment of minor pain and stiffness associated with non-rheumatoid arthritis, increased local blood circulation and the management of joint range of motion when combined with exercise.Standard single extremity unit for treating the hand, wrist, elbow, foot and ankle. Tank capacity is 30 lbs. of Cellex medium. Modes of operation: Continuous and pulse Treatment of time: 1-99 minutes Operating temperature: 110°F to 125°F Air speed: 1-100% Medium capacity: 30 lbs. Dimensions: 34"L x 11.5"W x 33"H Weight: 70 lbs. less medium Includes medium


    • Double Extremity Unit
    • Dry heat increases circulation and assists in pain relief
    • Massaging Action provides warmth, increased local circulation and pain diminishing effects to help increase joint range of motion
    • Limb Buoyancy allows patients to freely perform a variety of resistive exercises with increased mobility and decreased pain. The fluidized Cellex particles act like a low viscosity fluid, allowing limbs to be suspended much like in a liquid state.
    • Promote tissue healing
    • Heat induced vasodilation
    • Increases localized blood flow
    • Increases cellular metabolism and regeneration of healthy tissue via improved oxygen consumption
    • Improves joint range of motion due to increased collagen elasticity Sensory stimulation
    • Gentle sensory stimulation of the skin through rubbing of the Cellex® particles against the skin surface
    • Stimulates skin mechanoreceptors
    • Induces a cutaneous micro massage, helping to decrease pain and increase range of motion
    • Air flow and high/low features create an antigravity effect that maintains the limb in a buoyant, elevated position to aid in the movement of fluid and help prevent the buildup of edema


    Product Weight: 60 lb (27.2 kg)
    Shipping Weight: 100 lb (45.4 kg)
    Dimensions: 34" x 18.5" x 33" (86.4 cm x 47 cm x 83.3 cm)
    Mains Power: 120V, 50/60 Hz, 11A

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