Iceman® Cold Pad Wraps

Iceman® Cold Pad Wraps

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    Product Description

    The Iceman McGuire Universal Wrap-on Pads are designed for post-injury treatment and used for inflammatory treatment, chronic pain and recurrent joint swelling. Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainers use this with patients that are recovering from ACL surgery to help reduce pain & swelling.

    The wrap-on pads are non-sterile and designed with a hook engageable material and stretch band to easily wrap around the affected area. The universal size is ideal for the shoulder, knee and ankle. The wrap-on pads are not available in a sterile configuration. Wrap-On Pads are designed to be used in conjunction with a moisture barrier.

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    • Easy application
    • Designed to work with DonJoy IceMan Cold Pads
    • Reduces pain and swelling
    • Speed up recovery


    Ordering Information

    Cold Pad not included

    Part NumberDescriptionPad TypeSize
    11-0610-9-00000 Knee/Thigh Cold Wraps Non-Sterile Universal
    11-0611-9-00000 Shoulder Cold Wraps Non-Sterile Small / Medium
    11-0612-9-00000 Shoulder Cold Wraps Non-Sterile Large / X-Large
    11-0613-9-00000 Back Cold Wraps Non-Sterile Small / Medium
    11-0614-9-00000 Back Cold Wraps Non-Sterile Large / X-Large

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