Chattanooga Legend XT Electrotherapy Systems

Chattanooga Legend XT Electrotherapy Systems

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    Product Description

    Intelect® is a name the clinical rehabilitation community has relied on for many years. Intelect® has evolved into an exceptional award winning range of therapy systems with the new Intelect® Legend XT.

    The new Intelect Legend XT is a clean modular design available in two or four channel electrotherapy or combination ultrasound systems. A modular design means affordability as it allows the clinician to select a two-channel system now and add two more channels later without significant cost.

    Leading Therapy In A New Direction

    Clean, award winning modular design

    Easy-to-add modularity allows the addition of 2 additional Channels of Electrotherapy or a Battery Module

    Mulitple waveform electrotherapy - 6 clinical waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, High Volt, Russian, Symmetrical Byphasic and Microcurrent

    4 independent Electrotherapy channels
    User defined protocols for your specific needs
    Documentation of treatment outcomes with Patient Data Cards including pain map profile, modality records, electrode placement diagrams and session notes

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