Clinton Hi-Lo Mat Platform/Physical Therapy Treatment Table - 6' X 8'


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Clinton Hi-Lo Mat Platform/Physical Therapy Treatment Table - 6' X 8'

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    Product Description

    Mat tables also known as mat platforms, allow patients to receive physical therapy treatments or perform exercises on a padded surface that is accessible for all patients, whether they are ambulatory or using mobility devices. Mat tables are primarily used in hospitals, physical therapy departments, and freestanding clinics, physical rehab centers, and residential, and also for day schools for special needs children. They may also be suitable for athletic training centers. Unlike exam or massage tables, their wider surface and lower profile is a secure platform where patients may perform therapeutic exercises or receive treatments involving hot or cold packs as well as manual techniques including myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and joint manipulation and release along with stretching to enhance flexibility and range of motion. Therefore, patients can perform a greater variety of exercises or therapy without the risk of falling off, as well as easier transitions from mobility devices to the mat. Mat tables benefit the physical therapy staff as well as the patients. The table’s height lets them work on the patient at a level that supports proper body mechanics and prevents injury.


    • Hi-Lo mat platform with easy-clean, ABS plastic, fully enclosed base
    • Electric power height adjustment with foot control
    • Ultra-strong, uniframe base and top construction
    • Heavy duty, all welded, lift mechanism
    • Durable gray powder-coated steel frame
    • Self-lubricating piviot points
    • Smooth 110 volt elecrtric height adjustment
    • Hands-free low voltage foot control
    • Easy service, self contained, electrical components
    • Custom bumper strip helps protect top's edges from tears
    • 2" ultra-firm padding
    • Low height may help acheive ADA tax credit
    • 600 lbs. load capacity under normal use


    6'W X 7'L X 22"-34"W

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