Clinton Heavy-Duty Exercise Balls - 65cm Blue


Clinton Heavy-Duty Exercise Balls - 65cm  Blue

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    Product Description

    Model__Centimeters__Inches__Patient Height__Color
  • 8030____30 cm______15.5"_____--_________Green
  • 8045____45 cm______17.5"___55"-60"______Yellow
  • 8055____55 cm______21.5"___61"-66"______Red
  • 8065____65 cm______25.5"___67"-71"______Blue
  • 8075____75 cm______29.5"___72"-75"______Green
  • 8085____85 cm______33.5"___76"-80"______Black

      Overall :
    • Heavy-walled, burst-resistant balls
    • Deflates slowly if punctured*
    • Made from durable, ribbed PVC material
    • Shipped in polybags
    • Bright colors
    • Intended for indoor use only on a clean, dry surface
    • * Deflation rate is determined by size of puncture and weight of person. A ball inflation tape is included to achieve and maintain correct ball diameters.
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