Core PowerWrap® Wrist Brace


Core PowerWrap® Wrist Brace

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    Product Description

    Get a custom fit every time with a quick pull on the straps. Easy to wear and adjust. Durable outer shell with a soft, resilient fabric lining provides a comfortable fit over tender spots. Aluminum palmar spoon places wrist in a cock-up position. Recommended for weak and injured wrists or to help prevent reinjury. Available in Black or White. One size fits most; specify right or left.





    • Wrist Sprain/Strain; Ligament Injury; Other.

    Wrist  Supports Benefit Options

    • Lace Design: Great for post injury and provides excellent compression & wrist/forearm support.
    • Swelling reduction
    • Retain proprioception (sensory perception of area)
    • Retain strength
    • Limits abnormal motion but allows appropriate & necessary motion.

    Fitting Landmarks

    • Forearm
    • Elbow
    • Wrist
    • Upper arm


    • Snug Fit Measurement:  Devices are sized at a compressed fit.
      • Measuring loose vs. skin tight can result in incorrect measurement.
    • Measurement taken as wrist circumference.
    • Forearm measurement around the largest part of the muscle group.
    • Can be dictated by support used.


    • Choose best device for injury.
    • Style of support given to patient is usually based on occupation.
    • Support length should be enough to control stresses at wrist for patient’s level of activity.
    • If wrist needs motion limits, a wrist brace with a spoon or stay may be needed.
    • If control of the thumb needs limiting, a brace with this function should be considered.
    • Fitted with patient’s palm facing up (Supination).
    • Laces are fixed within the two velcro straps.  Make lace adjustments first.
    • Straps closest to fingers fitted first.
    • Straps closest to elbow fitted last.
    • Apply the large velcro base tab and then pull across the long/slim velcro tab to appropriate tightness.
    • The boney prominence on the wrist (Ulnar Styloid Process) can make it difficult to fit wrist supports because of pressure points.

    Post Fitting

    • Check fitting through wrist function.
    • Make sure brace has been fitted with appropriate strap tightness.
    • Brace should not dig into or irritate boney prominence on the wrist (Ulnar Styloid Process).
    • Add compression from straps/tabs starting with straps closest to fingers up the brace finishing with strap closest to elbow.
    • Decrease compression strap tabs from elbow to fingers.

    Disengaging Velcro and securing tabs prior and after wearing will help with future fittings.



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