Core Neoprene Elbow Support


Core Neoprene Elbow Support

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    Product Description

    Contoured Neoprene Construction for Healing Warmth Our Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support helps alleviate pain due to lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), supinator muscle strain and tendinitis. It applies pressure below the elbow while maintaining a full range of motion. Epicondyle pad focuses gentle pressure on the lateral epicondyle and helps provide targeted relief from forearm pain. Contoured neoprene construction for warmth with hook and loop compression strap. Wear only during activity. Bilateral design. S, M, L, XL, 2X or 3X.

    **Measure at widest circumference of forearm.



    • Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow); Forearm Mucsle Strain; Tendinitis

    Elbow  Supports Benefit Options

    • Applies pressure below the elbow.
    • Elbow support bands squeeze excess fluid out of area.
    • Allows for faster healing.
    • Removes some tension and makes joint more stable.

    Fitting Landmarks

    • Forearm (widest part)
    • Elbow
    • Upper arm


    • Snug Fit Measurement:  Devices are sized at a compressed fit.
      • Measuring loose vs. skin tight can result in incorrect measurement.
    • Forearm measurement around the largest part of the Forearm muscle group.
    • Can be dictated by support used.


    • Choose best device for injury.
    • Applied just below the elbow.
    • Pad should be positioned close as possible to pain.
    • Generally applied with palm facing up
    • Apply velcro tab to desired and appropriate tension.
    • For best results: Wear 24/7 or as healthcare provider recommends

    Post Fitting

    • Check fitting through function.
    • Make sure brace has been fitted with appropriate strap tightness.
    • Brace should not irritate the affected area.
    • Applied just below the elbow.
    • Pad should be positioned close as possible to pain.
    • Generally applied with palm facing up.
    • Add compression from strap

    Disengaging Velcro and securing tabs prior and after wearing will help with future fittings.



    • Small 9” - 10”
    • Medium 10 1/4” - 11”
    • Large 11 1/4” - 12”
    • X-Large 12 1/4” - 13”
    • 2X 13 1/4” - 14”
    • 3X 14 1/4” - 15”


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