Core Body Shield 6" Rib Belt


Core Body Shield 6" Rib Belt

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    Product Description

    Rib Belts Male Fitted

    Rib Belts from Core Products provide superior stabilization and support for rib and sternum injuries. Elastic body with front hook and loop closure limits chest expansion with circular compression. Holds rib cage in position and lessens the pain of everyday movements. Belts also can provide supporting pressure following surgery. Elastic body with unique CoreEdge® Finish is so comfortable and soft that belts can be worn against skin, as well as over clothing. For best fit, measure around chest at base of sternum. White. Available in S, M, LG, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X or 6X. Semi-Universal in S/M or L/XL. Additional charge for sizes larger than XL.

    Male Rib Belt

    Two-tiered 6” (15cm) high elastic body. Choose from our Male Fitted Rib Belt or Semi-Universal Male Rib Belt with Tri-Laminate panel for adjustments in sizing.



    Cracked Rib/s 

    Rib Support Benefits

    • Stabilizes rib and sternum (breast bone) fracture.
    • Provides supporting pressure following surgical incisions.
    • Limits chest expansion through circular compression.
    • Degree of compression will vary on type of support used.


    • Xiphoid Process (Bottom Tip of sternum or breast bone)
    • Botto/lower Ribs
    • Bottom of the Shoulder Blade
    • Shoulder Blade

    Measurement For Trochanter Supports

    • Measure around chest & below breast bone with a snug fit.


    • Fitted starting in the back and finishing in the front.
    • Center support
    • Top of brace should not put pressure on Xiphoid Process (Bottom of breast bone).
      • This can cause difficulty breathing.
    • Belt should be under breast line.
    • Belt should be fitted so back is below the shoulder blade  or the back should be high enough to cover ¾ of the shoulder blade.
    • Pull straps out away from body and then cross
    • Add compression from bottom to top

    Post Fitting

    • Sit down to check fitting.
      • Trunk length will shorten when sitting.
    • Should not dig into lower abdomen or support is fitted to low.
    • Should not put pressure on Xiphoid Proess (bottom of the breast bone).
    • Decrease compression from top to bottom
    • Disengaging Velcro and attach at far posterior of belt where straps originate.
    • Depending on your condition, the application of the device  may need to be done by a secondary care-taker or significant other.  



    • Small/Medium 24” - 36”
    • Large/Extra-Large 36” - 48”
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