Detecto Step-On Can, 100 Qt, Red


Detecto Step-On Can, 100 Qt, Red

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    Product Code: de_809161126303

    Price: $218.58

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    Product Description

    Named for their rugged toughness, Step-On Cans are perfect for hospitals, doctors’ offices, patients’ rooms, and laboratory settings. Equipped with a heavy-duty foot pedal and linkage and a bag securing mechanism. They come in a variety of five different sizes and capacities and two different materials: stainless steel, or a baked epoxy finish (available in red or white). The cans are flame retardant, have a self-closing lid for sanitation, and feature American-made unitized construction. Free bio-hazard and infectious waste adhesive labels included.

    Product features:
    • Baked Epoxy or Stainless Steel
    • Durable-Grade Construction
    • Free Biohazard and Infectious Waste Labels
    • Heavy-Duty Foot Pedal and Linkage
    • Made in USA Quality
    • Self-Closing Lid

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