GRIPMASTER Hand/Finger Strengtheners for Hand Exercise and Therapy by PROHANDS


GRIPMASTER Hand/Finger Strengtheners for Hand Exercise and Therapy by PROHANDS

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    Product Description

    Color Coded Progressive Resistance GRIPMASTER HAND AND FINGER EXERCISERS.

    The unique GRIPMASTER by Prohands is our signature model. It’s ideal for any athlete wanting to develop hand strength. Available in four different color-coded models (see product specifications) of graduated resistance, Gripmaster offers both men and women an opportunity to dramatically increase hand, wrist, and forearm strength.

    Prohands brand hand exercisers are the only hand exercisers that challenge each finger individually for improved strength, speed, dexterity and overall hand health & wellness. Your hands are the direct link between your brain and your game. Great hands are critical to athletic success, and all champions depend on superior strength, endurance, & dexterity in their hands.

    Each finger of the hand is powered by a completely separate system of muscles and tendons located in the hand, wrist, and forearm. Most of the hand’s power is generated by larger muscles in the forearm while finer movements are controlled by smaller muscles in the hand itself. Our wrist is the bridge which stabilizes the interaction of the hand & forearm.

    The ability to control the ball or control the bat, racquet, or club all starts with the hands. Your hand is really five separate systems which work in seamless unity. The only way to develop superior strength, endurance, and coordination in your hands is to challenge and develop each finger individually.

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    • Available in four different color-coded models of graduated resistance (see product specifications)
    • Develops individual finger strength, flexibility and coordination
    • Dramatically increases hand, wrist, and forearm strength
    • Use the buttons alone to exercise fingers or the entire unit for complete hand and forearm exercise
    • Comes with illustrated instruction pamphlet


    Levels of resistance and recommended use:

    • Yellow - X-Light - 3.0 lbs per finger.
      Recommended for children over 12 years and seniors wanting to regain diminished dexterity.

    • Blue - Light - 5.0 lbs per finger.
      Recommended for the average woman’s hand and men preferring more repetitions at lesser resistance rather than fewer repetitions at higher resistance.

    • Red - Medium - 7.0 lbs per finger.
      Recommended for the average man’s hand.

    • Black - Heavy - 9.0 lbs per finger.
      Recommended only to those requiring exceptional grasping power for martial arts, climbing, or weapon retention. Not recommended for the average man’s hand.

    Step By Step Instructions

    The exercises provided are not tailored to any specific sport. They are designed to enhance and maintain the physical attributes and general health of athletic hands regardless of sport.

    Begin all exercises slowly and use low resistance & few repetitions. Hold each position 3-5 seconds and relax - repeat 5 to 10 times. Little by little increase to 3 sets of 10 (30 reps). When graduating to a higher resistance begin again with 5 to 10 reps and build slowly.

    If you experience pain or fatigue – stop immediately. As with any exercise, excessive or incorrect use can lead to pain or injury. Therefore progress slowly and increase reps and resistance very cautiously.

    Click here for to download the Exercise Programs (pdf format)  

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