Thera-Flex Therapy Putty 4oz - X-Soft Tan


Thera-Flex Therapy Putty 4oz - X-Soft Tan

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    Product Code: dp_ul1401

    Price: $8.45

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    Product Description

    Isokinetics Inc. brings you another great way to save! Thera-Flex isa professional grade product identical to higher priced brandssold by other well-know suppliers. Sold in clinic packaging, it is theproduct you need at our everyday low price.

    Thera-Flexputty size comparison

    Therapeutic putty is ideal for strengthening hands and improving fingerdexterity, as well as a way to relieve stress. Compared to round or eggshaped squeeze balls, therapy putty provides multiple ways toexercise hands and fingers due to the endless number of ways it can beshaped.

    Odorless, nonflammable and will not stick to hands.

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