Dynatronics Dynatron T4 Traction / Decompression Table


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Dynatronics Dynatron T4 Traction / Decompression Table

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    Price: $4,095.00

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    Product Description

    Available only in Arkansas, Tennesseee, North Mississippi, North Texas and North Louisiana. All other orders will be sent directly to Dynatronics.

    The Dynatron T4 table represents a quantum leap ahead in features. Traction, therapy, and so much more. One table that does it all, offering maximum features at a competitive price.

    The Dynatron T4 is the first combination traction /3-section table in the industry. Combining all the features of the standard 3-section table with the DX2™ Traction Unit, the Dynatron T4 becomes the most innovative and complete traction package available.

    If bolsters are added, bolster color will be the same as the selected table color. If cervical pillow is added, it does not come with a pillow cover. If pillow cover is added it will come in the standard white color.


    • Easy-Glide Foot Section with Positive Dual Lock
    • Contoured Nose Hole with Plug
    • Manual Traction Pull Bar
    • Mobilization Strap Attachment Bar
    • 4" Dual-Locking Casters
    • Dual Full-Length Foot Switches
    • Pedestal Basket with Probe Holders
    • Swing-Away Traction Pedestal

    Range: 17 in (h) - 39 in (h) with a lifting capacity of 500 lbs.
    Dimensions: 81 in (l) x 28 in (w) x 105 in (h).
    Warranty: 5-Year frame, 2-Year Naugahyde®.

    The Dynatron T4 can maximize your space, increase your efficiency and save you money.

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