Gauze Sponge N/S "Advantage" 2x2 8 Ply - 25/200(5M)/Cs

Gauze Sponge N/S "Advantage" 2x2 8 Ply - 25/200(5M)/Cs

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    Price: $25.77

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    Surgical Gauze Sponge #3222-23,3232-33,3242-44,3249:

    • 100% cotton gauze
    • Superior quality with assured economy
    • For a wide range of dressing, cleaning and prepping procedures
    • No exposed raw edges - cut edges folded in
    • Available in a wide range of standard sizes and plies
    • Cotton filled sponges provide maximum absorption
    • Non-Sterile

    Cotton Rolls #3250:

    • Highly absorbent cotton fibers provide superior performance
    • Packs of 50 rolls per wrapper offer convenient handling
    • Uniform size and shape
    • Soft, pliable material minimizes soft tissue trauma
    • Non-Sterile

    Non-Woven Sponge #3252-54:

    • Ideal for wound dressing, prepping and scrubbing, general purpose cleansing
    • Highly absorbent
    • Less linting than standard gauze
    • Non-Sterile
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