Fabrifoam MediWrap - 3" x 5 yards


Fabrifoam MediWrap - 3" x 5 yards

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    Price: $38.25

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    Product Description

    MediWrap™ 3" x 5 yds.

  • Provides a low to medium degree of two-directional stretch.
  • Secure wrap replaces traditional cloth for wrists, thumbs, fingers, patellae and ankles.
  • Can be cut to length.
  • Secures with Velcro® tabs (included).
  • Rigid support useful for restricting mobility.
  • Short-stretch compression suggested for lymphedema.
  • Helps prevent and protect against strain and injury during work and athletics.
  • Ideal for any athlete who wants extra support.
  • Latex-free, neoprene-free, breathable, durable, washable, and non-migratory.
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