Fabrifoam AnkleWrap Ankle Support


Fabrifoam AnkleWrap Ankle Support

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    Product Description

    Fabrifoam AnkleWrap Ankle Support is made of MediWrap by fabrifoam®. This re-useable product is also very durable and extremely supportive. It is 120 inches long by 1 ½ inches wide. The AnkleWrap is used like the old cloth wraps, with the significant difference that this fabrifoam® product can be applied directly against the skin without the fear of causing blisters. In most cases, a minimum of three heel locks and figure eight wraps can be easily achieved.


    • A superior replacement to traditional cloth wraps, helps prevent inversion and eversion injuries and rehabilitation, secures in place with attached Velcro.
    • Compression and support helps eliminate pain and discomfort.
    • Comfortably accommodates three heel locks and figure eight's.
    • Can be applied directly to the skin without fear of irritation.

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