Fabrifoam Bunion Sling


Fabrifoam Bunion Sling

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    Product Description

    Bunion Sling
    • Recommended for bunion foot pain and deformity
    • Effectively repositions the big toe (hallux) to minimize pain, pressure, discomfort and irritation
    • Offers support and comfort while allowing for adjustability of application
    • Ideal for pre-op and post-op use
    • Low profile design, slip-resistant, and fits in most footwear
    • Created with ProWrap™; available in sizes for optimal fit
    • Latex-free, neoprene-free, easily applied, durable, washable, reusable


    Small Size Fits:
    Men's shoe size 6 - 8
    Women's shoe size 4 - 10

    Large Size Fits:
    Men's shoe size 9 - 14
    Women's shoe size 11 - 13

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