Fitterfirst Soft Boards & Pads for Balance Exercises


Fitterfirst Soft Boards & Pads for Balance Exercises

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    Product Description

    Fitterfirst Soft Boards & Pads

    A Balance Between Wobble Boards and Floating on Air...

    Soft Boards introduce a whole new dimension to balance training. They give you the sensation of floating on a cushion of air while still providing a predictable foundation underfoot. The unique design incorporates either 4 corner compression legs on the beginner board or one large central compression leg on both the intermediate and advanced boards. Soft Boards provide these benefits: Fitterfirst Balance pads are a great addition to mat work for added balance challenge or more cushioning. They help create a low impact surface for joints. They are non-slip which means more support, but can be used to add extra balance challenges to mat work. These pads are more than 2 inches thick which means they can be incorporated as a step in floor exercises. Made from closed cell foam the squish of these pads make you want to use them barefoot. They are water resistant and easy to clean, making them perfect for home or gym use.


    • Safely achieve better balance, coordination and overall agility.
    • Enhance function based on a 3-D sensation where the boards tilt and float laterally creating a tri-place sensation for the user.
    • Non slip legs create a solid contact with the ground - no slipping sensation.
    • Non marking and silent base means these boards are quiet when in use.
    • Larger surface area allows for a variety of foot or hand and sitting positions.

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