Fitter Combo Board for Balance Exercises


Fitter Combo Board for Balance Exercises

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    Product Description

    Rocker- and wobble-style balance board includes 5 easy change fulcrums from 4 to 12 degrees. 

    A versatile low cost option for balance training of all levels. Five interchangeable fulcrums give 3 degrees of difficulty as a single plane rocker: (6, 9 and 12 degrees), and 2 multi directional fulcrums at 10 degrees (one square and one round). Velcro fasteners attach each piece. This board is suitable for all levels from seniors to athletes and works best in a clinic or home setting. 


    • 12" x 24" Board.
    • 5 Fulcrums for different degrees of difficulty from 6 degrees to 12 degrees..

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