Heel Lift - Clearly Adjustable - LARGE - Men 9.5 up, Women 10.5 up (2-3/4'' wide)


Heel Lift - Clearly Adjustable - LARGE - Men 9.5 up, Women 10.5 up (2-3/4'' wide)

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    Close Heel Lift - Clearly Adjustable - LARGE - Men 9.5 up, Women 10.5 up (2-3/4'' wide)

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    Product Description

    Sold individually.

    The Clearly Adjustable heel lift delivers maximum comfort and minimum visibility. A firm lift designed for maximum comfort, it conforms to your shoe and foot, and provides just the right height to the millimeter.

    In the past, adjustable heel lifts were made with foam, only allowing for a maximum height of 3/8 inch and 1/8 inch adjustability. New patented technology allows for 1mm adjustments, providing the ultimate in customization to fit a wider range of needs.

    By peeling and replacing 1mm layers, the liftÂ’s height is adjustable from 2 to 12mm and can be easily trimmed to achieve optimal fit.

    • Patented design for heel elevation, not a pad or cushion
    • The only heel lift that shapes to your shoe for your comfort. Placed under the footbed or insole, the heel lift molds to the shoe, so both shoes fit and feel alike
    • Long constant slope supports the arch and avoids bridging the heel and ball of the foot, reducing arch stress
    • Firm multi-layered material does not cause heel rubbing in the shoe
    • The lift will quickly form itself to fit shoes with a heel indent
    • Creates no additional bounce or heel motion in the shoe
    • Durable - the clear vinyl material conforms but does not compress, and retains its height even with extended use
    • Transparent material is ideal for sandals
    • Ideal for sports uses such as running or golf
    Each lift can provide up to a half inch lift, or the lift can be manipulated down to the millimeter to provide customized solutions such as varus/valgus wedging, or can allow for staged introduction of heel-lift height for gradual accommodation by the user.

    The Clearly Adjustable shoe lift is easily cleaned and can be adjusted for more or less height at any time, making it ideal for staged introduction.

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