Hausmann Thera-Wall™ Therapy Storage System - Mix and Match


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Hausmann Thera-Wall™ Therapy Storage System -<b> Mix and Match </B>

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    Product Description

    Mix and Match
    Hausmann Thera-Wall System is a mix and match modular storage system intended for use in physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics. Each oak laminate cabinet module is 32 in long by 19.5 in deep and 78 in high with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

    Pick your favorite module of the Thera-Wall System or use several toether to fill a larger space. Each 825 series cabinet module is equipped with two oak laminate hinged locking doors for concealable storage and sleek appearance when the doors are closed. Each modular cabinet must be secured to a wall and may be easily detached and relocated if necessary. Thera-Wall™ Therapy Storage System

    MIX & MATCH Modular System. Choose your cabinets to custom build your storage. Order 1, 2, 3, 4 or more cabinets to fill any wall space.

  • Each oak laminate cabinet module is 32" wide x 19 1/2" deep x 78" high and is equipped with (2) oak laminate hinged locking doors.
  • Modular cabintes must be secured to the wall and can be detached and moved if necessary. Wall fasteners not included.
  • Features

    Model 8250 Cabinet
  • Includes upper dispenser for optional REP Bands™.
  • (2) 10-hook metal wire racks on both interior sides to hold optional dumbbells.
  • Almond-coated pegboard panel on inside back to hold (16) optional Hugger® Weights. Includes (11) pegboard hooks.
  • 8250 32" 19 1/2" 78"

    Model 8250-100 Accessorized Cabinet
  • Consists of: (1) 8250, (2) 5505 Sets of (10) Dumbbells each, (1) 5581 Set of (16) Hugger® Weights, (1) 5531 Set of (5) REP Bands™

    Model 8251 Cabinet
  • Includes (8) plastic storage tubs (12" x 14" x 4" high) and adjustable laminate shelves. MODEL # WIDTH DEPTH HEIGHT
  • 8251 32" 19 1/2" 78"

    Model 8252 Cabinet
  • Includes storage bin for optional weight bars and space for owner's canes and crutches.
  • Almond pegboard back is equipped with (11) pegboard safety hooks for misc. items.
  • 8252 32" 19 1/2" 78"

    Model 8252-100 Accessorized Cabinet
  • Consists of: (1) 8252, (1) 5541 Set of (5) Weight Bars Model 8253 Cabinet
  • (3) Laminate storage drawers behind doors.
  • (3) Laminate adjustable shelves.
  • 8253 32" 19 1/2" 78"
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