Isokinetics Inc. "Tall Boy" Balance/Exercise Ball Chair - With BLACK 52cm Ball


Isokinetics Inc. "Tall Boy" Balance/Exercise Ball Chair - With BLACK 52cm Ball

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    Product Description

    Our Exclusive Design "Tall Boy" exercise ball chair sits 2" higher than our competitors', and our own, standard frame sitting height. With our competitors' chairs, you need to buy accessories that add 2". Our Tall Boy  frame is designed from the ground up to look good and provide full structural integrity with the added 2" height.

    Our Tall Boy Balance/Exercise Ball Chair is made of heavy duty plastic in a solid black color with a smooth finish and a reinforced black metal ball holder that looks good at home or in an office. It includes an Isokinetics Inc. brand 52cm exercise ball.

    IN BOX: Rolling exercise ball base and chair back in solid black, 4 office size 60mm (2.5") wheels, 2 of which are lockable, a reinforced black metal ball retaining bar, a 52cm Isokinetics Inc. branded ball, a small starter pump, our exclusive ball measuring tape, Isokinetics Inc. Contact and Warranty sheet, assembly instructions and basic exercise guide. 

    Exercise Ball Chairs provide a different sitting experience than regular chairs. They force you to sit up straighter and many people simply prefer them over regular chairs. We provide our chair frame AND ball with a 1 year guarantee, administered directly by Isokinetics Inc. in Arkansas, USA.

    Many people report sitting on an exercise ball while at home or work promotes flexibility, coordination, motor skills and balance. And many who have tried a ball chair simply prefer them to traditional chairs. It may take time before your body becomes accustom to sitting on an exercise ball. You may need to try different ball pressures until you find the level you prefer. Start by using it 10 to 15 minutes a day and gradually work your way up. If you have had back problems or injuries, make sure to consult your physician or therapist first.

    NOTICE: Due to recent design changes, height adapters (sold by others as an accessory to add 2" in height to similar chairs) no longer work on our brand of chairs. Please click the Sizing Chart tab to review our estimated sitting heights, and test them at home, before you choose between our Standard frame or Tall Boy frame.


    • Includesa 52cm (20.5")Isokinetics Inc. brand exercise ball
    • Includesabasic starter pump*
    • 4 Officesize60mm (2.5") wheels (versus 50mm (2") wheels found on competing brands).2 wheels are lockable (we recommend making them the rearwheels)
    • Illustratedexercise pamphlet
    • Anexclusive"no guess" ball measuring tape to determine proper inflation size
    • 1yearguarantee from Isokinetics Inc.
    *A noteabout the free starter pump: Weprovide a small pump for free foryou tohave a way to inflateyour ball. However, exercise balls require a lot of air and it willtakea lot of pumping with the free pump. Even bicycle tire pumps can takealong time (bicycle tires need little air). So, you may wantto consider purchasing at this time a highvolumeair pump, especially if you useexercise balls a lot or have other things you often inflate, like pooltoys. These pumps push air on the up and down strokes and the highervolume ones can fill an exercise ball in a matter of minutes.

    NOTICE:  Exercise/Balance Ball Chair "Height Adapters"(accessories sold by other sellers of similar chairs) that add 2" tothe height of the chair, NO LONGER work in any Isokinetics Inc. brandball chair. Please choose between our Standard frame or Tall Boy framechairs (which are 2" in sitting height higherthan Standard frame)



    • Weight Limit - 300lbs 
    • 21" W x 22" D x 33" H (top of seat back)
    • Weighs 15 pounds    
    • Some assembly required
    We also offer a Standard frame height, which is 2" lower than our Tall Boy chair. All other dimensions are the same.

    Sizing Chart

    Tall Boy Frame

    • We highly recommend you test sitting heights at home before choosing between our Tall Boy or Standard frame
    • All measurements are based on the ball filled to 52cm. With ball on floor, it equals 52 cm or 20.5" measured straight up from the floor to a line level with ball top
    • Each person is different, but the Standard Frame user height range is about 5' 2" to 6' 1"
    • In the frame, the ball top is 25.5" unsat on. Seated, a 135 lb person sits about 21.5" off the ground; 150 lb, 21"; 175 lb, 20.5" & 200 lb, 20"
    • By comparison, basic solid seat chairs are 17" to 18" high
    We also offer a Standard frame height which sits 2" lower than our Tall Boy Frame height

    Step By Step Instructions

    All exercise balls need time to stretch. The proper way to inflate an exercise ball is to fill to 80% of its intended size on Day 1, then to 100% on Day 2

    Filling an Exercise Ball to 52cm (20.5")

    PLEASE NOTE: Measure ball height with ball sitting on the floor, in a straight line up to the point level with the ball top

    Day 1 - Fill to 42cm or 16.4"
    Day 2 - Fill to 52cm or 20.5"

    Exercise Ball Inflation

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