Isokinetics Inc. Needle Nose Pump


Isokinetics Inc. Needle Nose Pump

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    Product Description

    Isokinetics Inc. now offers a needle pump for those who desire to adjust the inflation of our popular Exercise/BalanceCushions. Our Exercise/Balance Cushions come pre-inflated to a level that provides just the right level of instability and cushion for most uses, which is why we do not sell them with a pump, and the vast majority of cushion buyers are satisfied with the pre-inflated level. But, some buyers have expressed a desire to add more pressure, so we bring to you this affordable pump.

    Our needle pump comes with one metal needle nozzle, which is required to add more air to our Exercise/BalanceCushions. It also comes with an additional plastic inflation nozzle that can be used for many common items requiring an air pump. Please note, however, that even though the air volume of these pumps is perfect for inflating exercise/balance cushions, it would take a lot of pumping to inflate exercise balls, beach balls, inflatable boats, etc.

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