Balance Board - Adjustable for 2 Heights - for Exercise & Therapy - 16.5"


Balance Board - Adjustable for 2 Heights - for Exercise & Therapy - 16.5"

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    Close Balance Board - Adjustable for 2 Heights - for Exercise & Therapy - 16.5"

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    Product Description

    Our patented Deluxe Adjustable Balance Board can be adjusted for 2 levels of difficulty. An included blue base cone fits over the existing center cone, raising the surface and providing a greater degree of instability for a more challenging workout. This makes it an idea starter board, since it adjusts as you improve.

    Balance boards are used for:
    • Proprioceptive and physical therapy rehabilitation exercise to improve balance and coordination
    • Core strengthening through balance exercise
    • Can be used with a standing desk for additional exercise
    • Helps improve strength and conditioning of legs and ankles for sports, including golf, surfing, skiing, skateboarding
    • Can be used with your hands to add extra core exercise doing push-ups

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    The Isokinetics Inc. Deluxe Balance Board is a high quality product we bring to you direct from the manufacturer. No middleman means you pay less! And, we provide all of our balance boards with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects for the original owner.


    • Made of durable Polyethylene (PE)
    • Adjustable for 2 levels of difficulty
    • Includes 4 holes for use with elastic exercise tubing
    • Balance point is nicely rounded for a smooth experience
    • Textured surface provides a secure grip
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects, to the original owner


    • 16.5" diameter
    • 3" height with blue adapter on, 2" high with adapter off
    • Adjustable for 2 levels of difficulty: 15 degree angle with blue adapter on, 10 degree angle with it off
    • 300 lb weight capacity

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