Isokinetics Inc. Shoulder Pulley


Isokinetics Inc. Shoulder Pulley

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    Product Description

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    A solid choice for your basic shoulder pulley needs! Direct from the manufacturer pricing offers you more for your money.

    Shoulder pulleys are commonly used in physical therapy clinics and at home for shoulder rehabilitation to regain range of motion after surgery. Our shoulder pulley is designed to be anchored to a door jamb. We included black marks every 4" (10cm) in order for progress to be measured and set limits and goals. Rubber handles provide better grip and feel comfortable in the hand. Knotted rope ends allow for adjustments to rope length.

    Note: Clinic packaging contains NO exercise guide. Consult your physical therapist or search online for "shoulder pulley exercises".


    • Sturdy rubber handles provide good grip
    • 76" teal blue nylon rope
    • Knotted ends for length adjustment
    • Black progress marks every 4"/10cm
    • Nylon door anchor with rubber sheath
    • Smooth spinning heavy duty plastic wheel with metal axle
    • Can be dis-assembled for cleaning
    • 1 year guarantee from Isokinetics Inc.

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