Exercise Ball Instruction Book - Body Rolling

Exercise Ball Instruction Book - Body Rolling

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    "About the Book
    A revolutionary method that teaches bodywork practitioners and their clients how to feel the inner logic of the muscular system. Each body has its own logic, its own language of release. This internal logic is at the heart of Body Rolling, an innovative technique that uses a ten-inch ball to stretch muscles, freeing restrictions in the body, increasing blood flow, and promoting healing. Body Rolling teaches ""touch and tell"" anatomy; you learn to physically find the origin of a muscle and sense what it feels like for that muscle to fully release. Experiencing first-hand the interrelationships in the muscular system comes as a revelation to most bodywork therapists. Body Rolling is an excellent treatment for a number of conditions, and it can re-teach muscles to move effortlessly and painlessly. It creates structural changes that are positive, permanent, and powerful, and that prevent new injuries from occurring.

    The author explains the underlying principles of her technique, shows how to get started, and gives instructions for basic side, front, and back routines.

    Detailed chapters focus on treating specific conditions such as lower back pain, neck problems, and the effects of aging."

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