Pilates with an Exercise Ball DVD - Pilates on the Ball/DVD

Pilates with an Exercise Ball DVD - Pilates on the Ball/DVD

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    About the Book

    Features a 45-minute DVD and the bestselling book Pilates on the Ball
    - Includes a visual demonstration of selected exercises from the Pilates ball workout described in detail in the accompanying book
    - The book Pilates on the Ball has sold 90,000 copies since October 2001

    In her bestselling book Pilates on the Ball, certified Pilates trainer Colleen Craig combines the effectiveness of the Pilates workout with the unique capabilities of the Swiss exercise ball, providing an innovative and low-impact way to stay fit. Now she offers a DVD in which numerous exercises from the book are demonstrated, accompanied by Craig's vocal coaching that explains each step of the exercises.

    While the book Pilates on the Ball contains over 160 photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions, many users prefer to see the exercises demonstrated live in real time. The accompanying DVD allows readers to see exactly how to position the body throughout each phase of the exercise and also to see what pitfalls can occur and how to easily prevent them. Most important of all, the DVD allows the user to follow along as if in a class setting.

    The Pilates on the Ball book and DVD workout shows users of all levels of fitness how to maximize the use of the ball in order to increase athletic performance, build long lean muscles, and tone the abdominal core. The DVD allows readers to take the exercises to new levels of understanding and effectiveness as they put the exercises contained in the book into practice.

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