Neuro 7® - Compact Combination Neurological Examination Instrument

Neuro 7® - Compact Combination Neurological Examination Instrument

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    Product Description

    The Neuro 7 was created so that the 21st century medical professional can do a first-rate neurosensory exam. It combines seven of the most common diagnostic neurological instruments in a lightweight, durable device small enough to fit into your pocket. Finally, you can perform a thorough neurosensory exam without resorting to improvised tools such as paperclips and pins or easily-misplaced pinwheels, brushes, etc.

    The Neuro 7 is made of stainless steel and durable polycarbonate to permit years of tough use. The distinctive molding material and exclusive manufacturing process ensure the durability and longevity of the Neuro 7. It also makes certain that the pupillary size chart, numbering, logo and metric ruler on the housing can never be rubbed or scrapped off since these are bonded into the Neuro 7 itself. There are no poor-quality stick-on films, tampo printing, or materials in the Neuro 7. The Neuro 7 is water resistant and may be left to dry if it gets wet. The individual tools are designed to be cleaned with simple alcohol wipes.

    The developers of the Neuro 7 have made sure that the disposable pinwheels, sharp tips and monofilaments comply with Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s blood borne pathogen guidelines. The Neuro 7 is designed specifically for medical professionals worldwide.

    • (1) Neuro 7
    • (2) Disposable sharp tips
    • (2) Disposable pinwheels
    • (10) Disposable monofilaments, in one clear plastic case


    • Using all seven tools prompts users to perform a complete neurosensory exam
    • Perform consistent evaluations through uniform tools
    • No wasted time bending paperclips or searching for missing instruments
    • High-tech look reassures patients and presents professional appearance
    • Small and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket or clip onto your scrubs

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